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Sales Invoicing provides easy invoice generation form the point of sale (POS) with options to print or email details to your customers. Each invoice is saved automatically to the customer profile and safely backup for your convenience. Invoices are searchable and totals are instantly reflected on reports. These tools will help you simplify your invoicing process and will simplify your business.

  • Easy and Intuitive invoicing.
  • Produce Professional looking invoices.
  • Customize invoices with logo, address, and contact info.
  • All sales are connected to inventory for accurate inventory tracking.
  • Quickly view invoice history.
  • Accept multiple payments on single invoice.
  • Choose to include staff notes on invoices.
  • Automatically create sales invoice number with options to customize the next number.
  • Customize the terms and messaging that appears at the bottom of sales invoices.
  • Manually adjust the priceing of items at the POS.
  • Flexible pricing and discount options.
  • Print and email invoices from with in the sales module.
  • Support multiple tax rates (for required countries).
  • All invoice organized and saved to appropriate customer record.
  • Record Cash, credit card, and other payments types.

Repair Management

The Repair Management provides you with the tools required to manage your entire repairs business. Create customizable device test checklist and generate estimates, assign tickets to a technician and create your own repair status. Completed repair tickets are turned into invoices and saved against your customer record for easy refrence. The repair ticketing features will help you manage and grow your repairs business and is flexible enough to adapt to your existing processes.

  • Easly create estimates and repair tickets.
  • Customize your Repair Tickets.
  • Electronically sign Repair Tickets.
  • Customize your own terms and conditions.
  • Search for repairs by ticket number. IMEI, technician date.
  • Started, and last dated.
  • Created your own device test checklists.
  • View all open, closed and in-progress repairs.
  • Repair tickets are turned into Invoices once completed and payment accepted.
  • Customized disclaimers on repair tickets and estimates.

Customer Management

Cutomer Management gives you the ability to track each valuable customer allowing you to accurately report on all activities including sales, estimates, notes and repairs. These tools will help you identify your best customers and retain new ones.

  • Know every customer by purchase and repair history.
  • Easly build your customer database.
  • Add new customers from the point of sale.
  • Create and manage customer profiles.
  • Specify which staff members can view customer records.
  • Search customers by name, phone, address, device, invoice number, repair ticket.
  • Create an unlimited Number of Customers .
  • Add customers specific notes.
  • Generate sales reports by customer.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control provides you with comprehensive Inventory Management and Inventory Tracking. Account for inventory sold through the point of sale, repair tickets, refunds, parts and more. Quickly print product barcode and pricing labels, and use barcode readers to count and sell inventory items. These tools will help you known exactly what you've got, how fast its moving, and when you'll need to order more.

  • View Inventory as it changes based on sales and repair activities.
  • Enter Inventory through Purchase Order module.
  • Virtually unlimited inventory capacity.
  • Create, manage and use rebates .
  • Sell everything including Devices, Services, Warranties and Accessories.
  • Manage inventory items by category.
  • Print pricing labels for inventory item.
  • Review and Print Device History.
  • Manage Physical inventory with inventory reports.
  • Set recorder levels/ low inventory alerts.
  • IMEI and Serial number tracking.
  • Label Printing of Assets, Customer tags, Price Tags.

Sales Management

Sales Management makes managing your all aspects of your sales process easier. From customizing invoices and profit tracking, to barcode scaning and paperless invoicing these tools will empower you with the data and control you need to improve your margins.

  • User friendly Point of Sale (POS).
  • Run various sales reports.
  • Use barcode scanners to scan product barcode.
  • End of day report for cash drawers.
  • Easly create invoices.
  • Print and email invoices.
  • Quickly access inventory while in the point of sale.
  • Customize your own invoices.
  • Collect telephone orders, web orders, mail orders.
  • Customized disclaimers on invoice and orders.
  • Return Products and Services.
  • Customizable Invoice Emailing.
  • Accept multiple payment types.
  • All sales transactions are recorded and saved within the system.

Store Reporting

Store Reporting helps you improve your results by capturing the data you need to make better decisions, faster. Quickly discover your top selling categories, salespersons and products or more importantly what categories and sales persons, and products, or more importantly what categories and sales persons are underperforming and more. The reports will provide you with a view of your store as it is actually performing with minimal efforts.

  • Detailed sales reportng.
  • Customizable data ranges of Reports.
  • View highlavel dashboards.
  • Taxable Sales Reporting.
  • View gross profit - week to date, month to date, year to date.
  • Inventory turn reporting.
  • No-setup reports.

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